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In order to activate the IconPress plugin, you will need to navigate to IconPress > Activate IconPress.

Once there, click the Activate Now button.

This action will redirect you to our website’s Customer Dashboard at . Once there, you will need to login with Envato and authorize our application in order to be able to create an account for you, and validate your purchase.



Once this step is completed, the Envato API will redirect you back to the Customer Dashboard . At this point we can validate your purchase and generate you your dashboard. Once we finish that, you will be redirected to a page where you can select the API Key to link to your domain. Once that’s done, you will be redirected back to your website and we will also send you a couple of emails; one is to thank you and welcome you to our community and the other is to notify you about your user creation on the Customer Dashboard.

When you will return to your website, the Integrations page would have changed and will present you with this screen:



You can see here the API Key you have linked to this domain, and also a few other links:

  • Check status (you can click this link to get a real time status of your connection to your dashboard – that is if the API Key is still linked to this domain)
  • Deactivate (this link will open the Customer dashboard in a new window where, after you login with Envato, you can deactivate the domain from the API Key)
  • Access IconPress customer dashboard (this link will also open the dashboard in a new window, so you can access your dashboard easily)
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