Adding & Saving icons into your collection

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Access IconPress > Icon Libraries in the backend on your website.

In the Select Icons tab, you’ll find the icons that are bundled in IconPress, organized by collections. These are some of the most popular icon collections on the web.

On first page load, there are only 3 collections shown, however on scrolling, at the end of the scroll, a LOAD MORE COLLECTIONS button is displayed and clicking it will show 3 more collections, and so on until there are no collections left.

Each collection is only displaying 100 icons, however if the collection has more than 100 icons, a “LOAD MORE” button should be displayed, which will load 100 more icons, until all icons in that collection is loaded.

To select any icon you want, simply click on it and it’ll be toggled as selected, to be saved.

After you select all icons you want to add to your collections, you can either just Save (and stay in this page), or Save and Access your Collection, which will also redirect to the last tab My Collection, where the saved icons are shown.

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