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IconFinder is the most popular icon market with over 100.000 free icons and over 2 million premium icons. We’ve made an integration through IconFinder’s API, which allows viewing and downloading the icons straight into IconPress Plugin, without the need of manual upload.

To enable IconFinder you will first have to have an account on https://iconfinder.com and then authorize the IconPress application we’ve created for your convenience.

Authorize IconPress App

Simply click the Authorize App button and you’ll be redirected to IconFinder’s authorization screen where you should allow IconPress to read the following information

  • Your public account information,
  • Your private account information,
  • Your purchased icons and icon sets , eg: https://d.pr/i/DiqPPt .

After you’re redirected back to your website into IconPress Integrations page, on the right side of the section, you should be able to see your IconFinder account information. If you’re an IconFinder PRO user, the extra information should also be displayed eg: https://d.pr/i/LTz6sw .

Now you can access IconPress plugin into the IconPress > Icon Libraries page and you should be able to see the IconFinder tab .

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