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Icons color in grid listing

The color of the icons of the main app’s grid, eg: https://d.pr/i/z9INjq  (using #1e73be color).

Default size in grid listing

The icon’s size in the grid listing, eg: https://d.pr/i/EQqMpN (using 64px).

Icons color for customization options.

The color from the customization panel, eg: https://d.pr/i/qtFFdJ .


These are various IconPress integrations with page builders or even WordPress customizer. All of them are enabled by default.

Enable editor “Insert Icon” button?

Enabling this will show an insert icon button right above the WordPress TinyMCE Editor eg: https://d.pr/i/aBmhth , which will allow you to insert an icon via shortcode.

User roles

Choose what user roles have access to IconPress plugin.

Dequeue font-icons

As already known, IconPress’s main advantage is the performance increase by using SVG technology, against font icons. This dequeue tool will unload font icons that are loaded in your website. For example if your active theme is using Font Awesome font , you can force unloading it so you can use IconPress’s built-in Font Awesome library.

Enter a list of IDs of the font-icons you want to deregister from your theme or plugins. Separate entries with comma. Eg: “font-awesome, font_awesome,”. If you’re not sure, you might need to check the code, but it’s best to consult the theme developer.

Please know that this method might not work if the icon font library is not loaded through basic WordPress wp_enqueue_style method.

Backup Collection

Simply export a backup of your custom collection.

Restore Collection

Import a backup of your custom collection.

Lock icons per user?

This option will lock icons to be removed from the custom collection, if the icon was added from another user account. This is helpful if there are more user accounts working, to prevent deleting conflicts.

Enable debug mode?

This is an internal tool which we use to log various errors if there are any. Should always be disabled unless you’re in development mode.

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