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One of the simplest way of inserting an icon anywhere is by using the IconPress’s shortcode:

[iconpress id="icon_id" ...]

Available attributes are:

  • id – The icon’s ID.
  • title – Accessibility title (like alt is for images)
  • style – html style attribute that accepts any css styles (font-size, color, etc.)
  • class – css class attribute
  • link – an URL
  • target – default is _self, or _blank if you want to open in a new window
  • hover_color – color code when the icon is hovered

It’s best however to use the built-in shortcode generator. To use it, access IconPress > My Collection and click any icon. A popup will open with several customization options.

As you can see in the image above, a shortcode is generated with the customization options you selected. Copy by clicking the button below and paste the shortcode wherever you want.

Insert from WordPress editor

You can also manage, customize and insert an icon, right from the WordPress editor, which will open a panel with the IconPress manager.


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