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Before installing the IconPress plugin you should check that your WordPress instance is running on (at least) PHP 5.4.0. If you don’t know, you can login to your CPanel and find that information there. Alternatively, you can contact your hosting support and ask them what version of PHP is currently installed for your website. If the response is not a version greater or equal to 5.4.0 then you should upgrade the PHP version to at least that, or the IconPress plugin will not function for you.

After you have ensured the PHP version is at least 5.4.0 you can now head over to your Envato account page and then to the Downloads section in order to download the plugin. Please ensure you are downloading the archive that contains the installable files and not the whole package (the correct archive should only contain one directory, named “iconpress”).

Once you have double checked that, login to your website and navigate to Plugins page. Once there, click the Add New button right at the top. Once the page is loaded, click the Upload Plugin button. Select the zip archive you have downloaded previously and click Install Now.

Once the installing process is done, activate the IconPress plugin. You will notice the IconPress entry in the Sidebar and you can now use it to add icons to your website.

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