Uploading an SVG icon

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This feature is available for activated version of the plugin. If you purchased an IconPress license, please make sure to activate your copy. More here .

Access IconPress > Upload icons page and you will notice here the UPLOAD .SVG IMAGE button. Clicking it will open a dropzone block where you can drag and drop your local svg file(s).

Please make sure the SVG is not a sprite, but a simple SVG image file. You can double check this by opening the file with an editor and checking for <symbol> tags, basically make sure there aren’t any symbol tags inside it.

The icon’s file name will be used as a title of the icon, mostly for accessibility purposes (like an image alt attribute).

After you upload these icons, you can find them in My Collections page.

Note: I’m developing a webfont conversion tool, in which you can upload an icon font and they’ll be converted to icons in IconPress. Stay tuned!


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